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Investor Visa

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Visa Overview

The world has become a global village where international trade has lead to tremendous growth across the globe. Globalisation brings the reorganization of production, international trade, and the integration of financial markets. This affects capitalist economy and social relations at the global level. Both the federal and provincial/territorial governments welcome business immigrants and offer services to help immigrants start a business and settle in their countries. Under this category, an entrepreneur has to invest a certain amount of money in a business and there is a commitment between applicant and the designated entity to establish and incorporate a qualifying business in any country.

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We provide Free immigration consultancy services with information about the immigration process, requirements, and documentation needed for your application. We help you understand the different immigration programs available and which ones are suitable for your specific situation.

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At our organization, we take pride in the expertise of our team members, who have been trained rigorously to guide and support overseas aspirants. Our team understands the challenges that immigrants may face when navigating the complex process of living or studying abroad, and we are committed to providing personalized support at every step of the way.

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One can contact us from anywhere in the world, Our office network is present in all across India and Canada always excited to be a part of your successful journey for overseas destination.

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We have the knowledge, experience and robust processes to help you navigate complex visa procedures and file your visa application with greater confidence.

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